We need to stop paying lip service to Vision Zero and take real action. That starts with leadership that can understand and commit to the hard work.

When City Council makes a decision, all the data used to make that decision should be publicly available, by default, without you or a journalist having to ask.

The Photo Radar program has lost the public trust. All data relating to the program needs to be made public, allowing anyone to audit the program and see where reforms are truly needed.

Missing middle housing like townhomes, stacked row housing, courtyard apartments and low-rise apartments can enable us to achieve much more density without compromising human scale characteristics of neighbourhoods.

Our transit system is difficult to use, and expensive. We need to make the system an appealing choice, rather than a punitive one.

You cannot find a candidate in Ward 11 who has worked harder to make 40km/h in our neighbourhoods a reality.

Note: This platform is a living document, and is generally just a collection of posts that I have already made, so it's easier to see at a glance where I stand.

If you have any questions or something isn't addressed here, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to answer questions, as I've done in my reddit AMA, for example.

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