I am running to be Edmonton's City Councillor for Ward 11. Professionally, I'm a software developer and I believe that my technological expertise can fill a niche that has been rarely, if ever, filled on our city council.

I believe in true openness, that's why you'll find me broadcasting strong, detailed positions on issues. You'll find my Platform on this website and I don't equivocate and try to play both sides on the issues that matter.

When writing great software within a budget, there is a well accepted practice: break down problems into their smallest solveable pieces and don't repeat yourself.

I believe these same concepts can be applied directly to Edmonton City's Council. The way we improve our city is not by making one big single "solve the city" policy. Rather, we need to look at the small stuff. That road behind your house. That one bus route. The slow intersection -- you know the one! When we use data to solve individual problems well, eventually, we'll have made the entire city better through all those small solutions.

We need a new voice on City Council. I look forward to convincing you that I can be that voice.

Any questions or feedback? I want to talk with you.