Starcraft Jeopardy

Starcraft Jeopardy is returning!

For three months in 2015, Starcraft Jeopardy graced the internet. Hosted by Troy Pavlek, it brought something completely unique and new to the table. A gameshow with the people you know and love from the Starcraft community with the singular wordplay-focused question and answer style of Jeopardy.

And now, in 2018, Starcraft Jeopardy will return

Want to participate in Starcraft Jeopardy?

  Apply via Email

I'm looking for a total of fifteen (15) participants for the season in early 2018. If you've already played Starcraft Jeopardy, feel free to apply again. However, I may prioritize new faces for this limited run.

Have a question idea?

You don't need to be an expert in wordplay or cleverness - the most helpful type of submission is one that just states a fact. I'm very skilled at turning true statements into interesting questions and categories, so any contribution makes the show much easier to produce.

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What's coming?

Question writing and production has already begun. In mid-January, 2018 we will be recording five (5) episodes of Starcraft Jeopardy that will premiere in the period of January and February.

The episodes will premiere on Troy's Twitch Channel with VODs being posted on YouTube immediately afterward.

Catch up with previous episodes

Feardragon, Neuro & PengWin (Ep. 6)

Gemini, Jackson & Fenner
(Ep. 1)

PengWin, SirRobin & Gemini
(Ep. 2)

nice__username, JaKaTaK & PengWin
(Ep. 3)

Jade, ploguidic3, & PengWin
(Ep. 4)

Temp0, Lycan & PengWin
(Ep. 5)

Feardragon, Neuro & PengWin
(Ep. 6)

Arium, QueenE & PengWin
(Ep. 7)

Peanuts, Banjoe & PengWin
(Ep. 8)

Pughy, Intense & Peanuts
(Ep. 9)

Gretorp, Xiphias & Peanuts
(Ep. 10)

HuK, DesRow & Gretorp
(Ep. 11)

LIVE: Huk, Semper & Steadfast
(Ep. 12)

LIVE: Steadfast, Scarlett & puCK
(Ep. 13)

The Code

The Jeopardy system is open source!

You can use it to play your own games, or use the parser application I built to pull games off j-archive and play with your friends

Check out the code on GitHub!
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