Sometimes, I make memes on the internet. Typically, they're political in nature and a mashup of /r/youtubehaiku culture and edmonton politics. Subscribe on YouTube

The Alberta Politics High School Musical

What would happen if you combined High School Musical's Breaking Free with a message that we should vote for Alberta's NDP under Rachel Notley? This is the answer to that.

Edmonton City Council: The Anime Opening

Sexual Tension at the Alberta Leader's Debate

David Khan knew exactly what he was doing #LayingPipe


Jason Kenney made a "grassroots guarantee", but when the grassroots chose "lake of fire" as official party platform, he backpedaled pretty quickly. This is his story.

Carla Frost, the Shooting Sweetie Star

In the 2017 Mayoral election, Carla Frost uttered the now-infamous "call me sweetie!" call to action. She's a star.

A shooting star.

Radical bike lobby skews the bike grid numbers

Don Iveson is an all star

All Star but it's Don Iveson. The work to return on investment ratio for this video was way too high.

An Edmonton Infill Hertitage Moment

Created during my City Council campaign, this is a tongue-in-cheek look at the common criticisms of infill in neighbourhoods.

Frost, Frost, Sweetie

This one defies explanation.

It's Always Sunny in the UCP Caucus

Dandelion Apocalypse

In the spring of 2017, dandelions were everywhere as the city scaled back its herbicide use. From the reporting, you would have thought this was a sign of the apocalypse. Perhaps it was.