The Verdict

I didn't mind eating this, but I wouldn't choose to make it again

If I wanted Nutri-Grain (I don't), then I'd buy some

Everything about this recipe felt like it should be a slam dunk. I love pistachios, I love tarts, I love fruit.

But honestly, after hearing that this is basically a Nutri-Grain bar, I was unable to shake that image and, frankly, even if Nutri-Grain tasted good I'm not sure I could be comfortable being the person who spends several hours making mediocre granola bars that I could buy for a couple bucks.

Troy's pro tip

If you still haven't caught on that a good food processor is worth it, you're not listening.

I've definitely started to appreciate Claire's love for the offset spatula, but to be honest its name frustrates me.

There are two spatulas in this photo. One is silicon, red and used for cleaning bowls. One is metal, rounded, very flexible and couldn't clean a bowl for its life. Also half the time the thing I flip grilled cheese with is called spatula.

Get more words, chefs.

If piping doesn't work, then just use a wooden skewer and etch your own design