The Verdict

It was really great immediately out of the oven, and trash the next day

It was meh

A chocolate hazelnut puff pastry doesn't leave much to complain about, and out of the oven there wasn't much to complain about. If you're enjoying this with a group of people immediately after baking, it's a five-star recipe.

If you expect to enjoy this the next day - or even 6 hours later - you'll be less enthused.

Moisture sapped out of the filling making the crust very soggy and texturally gross.

It was sad.

In terms of gorgeous-looking pastry, the fresh-out of the oven galette sure looks the part.

Looks aren't everything though.

Ironically, the bonus tart we made with extra filling and pastry pieces actually ended up holding up better in subsequent days, probably because the moisture from the filling could get wicked into the air, rather than trapped between layers of pastry.