What is the #YEGCoreZone?

The Core Zone is an idea spearheaded by Julie Kusiek as part of the Living Streets Edmonton Proposal
It’s a place in the densest parts of the city where our streets are welcoming, shared, safe and vibrant for people of all ages and abilities.
On April 24, we’ll call on #yegcc to change its recent motion for city-wide 40km/h residential speed limits, which isn’t much safer than 50km/h. We’ll call on them to adopt the #YEGCoreZone concept: 30km/h on residential streets within the inner city but not outside of it.

What does the #YEGCoreZone look like?

In the following map:

  • blue represents the boundary of the zone.
  • green represents local roadways which would be 30km/h inside the zone.
  • yellow represents collector roadways which would be 40km/h inside the zone.
  • red represents arterial roadways which would not change.

The roadways outside of the blue Core Zone would not change.

Want to see change?

We can't miss this opportunity, so if you support the idea of a liveable, safe and vibrant space in the core of our city, share with your friends, talk about it on social media with the hashtag #YEGCoreZone and most importantly contact your councillor.
Change can happen when we rally behind a common cause. Let's make #YEGCoreZone a reality on April 24th.

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