A Sad Message from President Addie

In 2021, Addie, the elected co-president of the Mill Creek Off Leash Area was diagnosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma. He might not make it to 2022. Now he wants more kittens to have a life as good as his.

Cancer sucks

I adopted Addie from the Edmonton Humane Society in 2013 when he was about 3 years old. Even before he arrived home for the first time I knew he was a cat unlike any other. When you talk to Addie he talks back (even when you don't talk to him he's never quiet). He doesn't like boxes. He doesn't jump on tables and counters. He's not stubborn, but he finds creative ways to get what he wants anyway. It's hard to think of him as a kitten. When I look at him I only see an intelligent and clever member of the family.

Addie has been with me through every moment of my adult life. When I wake up in the morning, Addie is here. When I want to celebrate Addie is here. When I'm dealing with extreme grief, trauma or catastrophe, Addie is always unfailingly and reliably here.

But soon, Addie won't be here anymore. I'm going to lose a member of my family.

Forever my President

In 2020, during the Mill Creek Off Leash Election, Addie was able to bring many in Edmonton the joy he's brought to me every day since I adopted him. In a time when we were all uncertain about our futures, he brought a much needed laugh and opportunity relax and lean in, hard, to something exceptionally silly.

He was the cat we all needed, at just the right time.


Addie was adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society. His sister was adopted from SCARS.

Before Addie was adopted he lost some of his ear to frostbite, his fur was matted and unkempt and he was bullied by other cats leaving him scared and alone. His previous owners had him declawed leaving him not only feeling incomplete and in pain, but unable to defend himself effectively.

He's now the elected President of the Mill Creek Off Leash Area. Kittens can do anything when they find their forever home, and Addie wants to see as many kittens succeed as possible. He's asking everyone to donate (only what they can) to SCARS, The Humane Society, or any other registered cat shelter or rescue. After donating please email addie@tpavlek.me with the total so we can share how far we've gotten to his goal of helping every cat in need.

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