The 2021 Edmonton Election Pool

Do you have what it takes to predict EXACTLY who will win the Edmonton municipal election? Guess correctly, and win bragging rights and choose a charity to receive a donation

Fill out your election pool ballot

What's more fun than participating in the democratic process and electing a new crew of representatives to govern the city and the region for the next 4 years? Well, betting games of course!

The quick deets:

  • Free to participate
  • Guess Mayor, councillors, school board trustees, referndum outcome, and senators
  • Winner chooses a charity to receive a $150 donation (provided by organizers)
  • Entries close Sunday, October 17th, 9PM Mountain Time.

How to participate

  1. Fill out an entry.
  2. Trash talk the other participants for choosing badly in a group twitter DM (just ping @troypavlek to get in).
  3. Wait in nervous anticipation to see how wrong you were in your predictions.

The full rules

Each entry to the election pool contains guesses for the following races:
  1. Mayor (5 points)
  2. Councillor (5 points each)
  3. Public School Trustee (1 point each)
  4. Catholic School Trustee (1 point each)
  5. Two Referendum Questions (1 point each)
  6. Three senators-in-waiting (1 point each)
You must select a choice for each of the 13 seats of council, but you may choose to leave the rest blank, if you like scoring fewer points, I guess.

There is a bonus question for guessing the total number of votes the winning mayoral candidate will receive. This is a competitive question, and is evaluated with "price-is-right" rules. The entry who guesses the closest to the total number of votes without going over will be awarded nine bonus points. If you manage to guess exactly the correct number of votes, you will receive an additional six bonus points for a total of fifteen.
If two or more entries are tied on this bonus question, all will receive the full number of bonus points.

The winner (the person who has the highest number of points at the end) will get to choose a registered charity to receive a $150 donation. In the case of a tie, the pot will be split equally, and each co-victor may choose a charity for their share of the pot. The recipient must be a registered charity.

Troy, the organizer, will also be participating for funsies, but he is inelligible to win. If he ends up with the highest points, the runner-up(s) will get to make all decisions about which charity receives the pot.

There's no gambling here, go arrest someone else, Kenney.

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

Charity pot graciously provided by Troy, Stephen, Mike, Another Mike, Justin, Trent, Jerreck and Jeff.

Troy Pavlek

I make stuff and lose elections

© Troy Pavlek