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Speaking Municipally Podcast

Together with Mack Male I co-hosted and produced a podcast about municipal politics.

Municipal Memes

I make memes for the very narrow, niche intersection of internet nerd culture and local Edmonton politics. There is varying levels of success.

Running for City Council, 2017

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In 2017, I ran for Edmonton City Council in Ward 11 on a progressive platform of basically making everything better as I saw it. It did not go well. I lost. Badly.

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Using the Edmonton Open Data Catalogue, aggregates council voting and attendance records to enable citizens to track their councillors in a more user-friendly, efficient manner.

Basket of YEGs Podcast

Basket of YEGs is a local podcast focusing on municipal politics in the City of Edmonton. Each episode, I dig into an interesting or relevant topic to Edmontonians and attempt to break it down in the most consumable way possible.


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Occasionally, in my free time, I host Jeopardy games on the internet. It started with a project called Starcraft Jeopardy, a weekly show that I wrote and produced which I was then invited to perform live at a Starcraft tournament called Kings of the North. I also hosted IST Jeopardy for the University of Alberta CONNECT conference.

Ladder Heroes

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Ladder Heroes is a Blizzard-sponsored project organized by Ravi "feardragon64" Pareek. It awards points and cash prizes to Grandmaster-level players in Europe and America for their weekly performance on their regions' ladders, which then determine who is elligible for a monthly tournament and an even larger cash prize.

The software is all custom written by myself and implements an event-sourced system that tracks the change in rankings of every registered player over time, as well as tracks the point totals for each user every month. Shibe Generator

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Built at the peak of dogecoin-frenzy, is the best shibe generator on the internet. Intentionally built with obfuscated navigation and confusing UX, you can either use the standard shibe-image or upload your own, and apply comic sans text it various sizes and colours before sharing with your friends or on reddit.

The High Yield Podcast

Filling an unfilled niche in the Starcraft content scene, I produced a podcast co-hosted by Feardragon that focused on high-quality, nuanced discussions with great editing. The show ran for four episodes including a christmas-special radio play.

The Starcraft II Community Team League

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The Starcraft II Community Team League was a project borne out of passion for Starcraft II. In its prime, it was the largest SC2 Team League in the world, with sponsors like Das Keyboard and MYTHLOGIC. In its two seasons, it saw participation from hundreds of teams and gave away thousands in prize money and gear.

The website set it apart from its competitors, fully automating the match reporting, bracket-generation and logistics of running a tournament - something no other SC2 organization had done previously, which permitted it to run at the scale it did.

Troy Pavlek

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